• 8 ways to optimise space in your office

        • With commercial rents increasing, office space is shrinking and more business owners are faced with the problem of how to best optimise their smaller space. Here, Mark Brown, Director, Lismark Office Products Limited discusses how to create an environment that makes employees feel more motivated and productive throughout the working day, whilst making the most of limited office space.

          1. Multipurpose spaces

          Separating parts of the office for collaborative working, meetings or just quiet space to work away from everyone else can add a real tangible boost to productivity.

          1. Use tilt-top tables

          Consider using tilt-top tables that can be stored away and wheeled in and out for larger meetings. The option to cut your conference room table in half can make it a usable office space for times when there isn’t a meeting going on.

          1. Somewhere to walk

          Is there a water cooler or kettle in your office? Try moving these out of the main office to save space and also to give workers the opportunity to get up to stretch their legs and give their eyes a break from their screens when making a drink. 

          1. Maximising natural light

          Natural light is a well-known mood booster. If your office doesn’t have much of it, there are ways to maximise what is present. The best way to do this is to move working areas closer to windows.  

          1. Types of desks

          If you don’t have much room, sit-stand desks have become invaluable for productive working. They not only enable workers to stand for as long as they like, but they can be extremely useful for meetings within an office space; standing together at one computer screen can be far more comfortable than huddling around the screen on chairs.  

          Also consider whether your desk is actually too big. Does it house lots of papers that could these be filed somewhere else to give you more open space on your desk, or better still, enable you to downsize to create more room? 

          1. Turn corridors into useful spaces

          Forward-thinking companies are using these spaces for all sorts of productivity-boosting activities – from adding treadmills to office phone booths for people to make telephone calls away from the hustle and bustle of the main office area.

          1. Hotdesking 

          Whilst it’s great to provide room for someone to sit and do their work whilst they’re in the office, if this isn’t the best use of space then there are some excellent alternatives. From meeting tables that are as large as a desk but use seating boxes that slot beneath the table instead of chairs that take up more space, to folding tables and laptop tables, there is quite literally a space saving option to suit any space for hot-desking workers.

          1. Online filing

          By sharing to-do lists in one central place such as a spreadsheet or piece of project management software, everyone should always know what they need to do and be able to better prioritise their to-do list. Similarly, a whiteboard which shows details of who is doing what or where everyone is during the week can help provide a solid starting point, boosting productivity every day.

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