• Artificial intelligence to transform print security

        • Everyone from the C-suite right across the spectrum is discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will impact their everyday personal and professional lives. It’s a topic that can’t be escaped and as IT directors look to where AI technologies should be initially deployed. Y Soft Corporation explains how its use in print management will improve security and maintenance.  

          According to research from Vanson Bourne conducted in 2017, 80 per cent of enterprises already have some form of AI in production and 30 per cent of enterprises are planning on expanding their AI investments over the next 36 months.

          For enterprises with a large fleet of multi-functional devices (MFDs), this investment could see improvements in data leakage prevention and predict MFD failures, if placed into print management solutions.

          Ondrej Krajicek, Chief technology Strategist at Y Soft said, “AI technologies can be applied to print software in the first instance to improve decision making processes through the quality and expressiveness of managerial reports.

          “Through data gathered on how users are interacting with MFDs – what they are printing, how they are printing and how much they normally print – enterprises will be able to easily detect abnormalities in users’ behaviours. The AI will predict if there is suspicious activity, such as someone trying to print confidential information at an unusual time of day or if they’ve never printed that data previously and alert the appropriate departments, which will aid with data leakage prevention.

          “If the right data is collected and analysed, AI will be able to provide insights into the steps leading up to a printer failure. It will recognise when these steps begin and either alert the IT team to a potential failure, or in the future, fix the problem before it even occurs and prevent the problem from happening again.”

          Whilst many enterprise processes are vying for the AI treatment, IT directors should be looking at where their biggest risks and biggest service desk failures are stemming from to address where their AI investment could be best spent. For many organisations, this will not be in print management, but for those large enterprises with a large fleet of MFDs, the use of AI as part of a print security strategy should certainly be considered. 

          Ondrej added, “looking forward, I believe AI will continue to dominate technological advances in the immediate future, but I also believe an AI winter is coming, whereby we’ll hit a certain level of how far we can take the technology currently. Perhaps in a decade, we’ll then see the next level of AI being used in even more advanced ways, such as to not only test MFDs, but also design the tests too. This is when the developments will get really exciting.”

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