• How businesses can recoup £11bn from failing office equipment

        • In a recent report it was revealed that around £11 billion is lost by UK businesses each year due to failing office equipment. This figure was the result of a study of over 1,000 UK office workers and based on employment data from the office for National Statistics (ONS). 

          The cost to UK businesses is caused by employees wasting time on inefficient technology, particularly among 16-24 year olds. The report highlighted common time-consuming and cost-wasting challenges faced by the majority of businesses today, with employees struggling with failing out-dated digital technology as well as a lack of training on new tech. This is a major problem that’s hitting businesses hard and they need to look at ways to stop it happening. This is according to Simon Riley, Sales Director at Direct-tec.

          So, what can businesses do? As someone responsible for office equipment, where do you start? Simon shares his thoughts.

          Firstly, don’t purchase new equipment. The simple fact is that technology changes so quickly and equipment goes out of date all too soon. So, rather than buy new equipment, lease or rent it. This futureproofs your technology and allows for necessary upgrades or indeed downgrades. Ensure that your supplier keeps you updated on new technology and share possible changes within the business which may need new upgraded hardware or software. Insist on quarterly meetings with your supplier, and if they don’t agree ask them why or consider moving to a new one.

          GDPR is a major concern for many businesses, but the issues around data protection have been around for many years. Data security kits prevent data from being stored and erased from the hard drives of multifunctional devices, avoiding security breaches and loss of secure data or personal records. 

          Many studies have shown that staff spend on average 15 to 30 minutes looking for files and documents. Systems like Docuware will enable you to pull up client documents in seconds then delete all the information instantly when you’ve finished. Your admin team can find invoices, contracts and letters relating to a customer within minutes. They will be able to answer questions and queries while on the phone rather than having to call back and check through email trails, saving time and of course money. It’s also another tick in the compliance box.


          The simple fact is that untrained workers have a low production value and this applies across all parts of the business. The quality in performance is lower than it could (or should) be and more time and effort is spent when employees aren’t fully or properly trained to perform their tasks. It just takes them longer to do the work which costs the businesses a lot of money. Discover the shortfalls in your business and spend more time on employee training so that they can fully familiarise themselves with new technology. By being fully trained to use the equipment staff will get the most out of it – rather than waste time trying to figure it out for themselves.   

          In summary, check how long you have had your office equipment. If it’s more than five years old, then it’s likely you’ll need to change it. Look at your business and see where the bottlenecks are. If your software or hardware is slowing down or creating problems for your office and your team there will be a solution out there for you so work closely with your supplier.

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