• Increasing IT efficiency through effective print management

        • Any software or innovative practice that makes an IT department more efficient should be welcomed in an organisation. However, print management is one area where this impact on efficiency often goes unnoticed, according to Y Soft Corporation, an enterprise office solution provider.

          Print management and document capture solutions are often praised for their ability to make organisations more cost-efficient, productive, and for increasing document security. While these advantages are clear, businesses should also consider how these solutions can make an organisation more efficient and therefore free up time for IT staff to work on other innovative projects. 

          James Turner, Regional Sales Manager at Y Soft said, “by using one platform, one interface and one contract for both print management and document capture, the tasks for IT teams are minimised. Managing users, devices and obtaining data through scheduled reports enable the IT team to be productive and efficient. In addition, cloud infrastructure or partial cloud/partial on-premise for print services also provides the additional advantage of relieving IT infrastructure overhead and resources that can be applied to other high-value projects.”

          One example of an issue which takes up the time of IT staff is when employees wish to print on local printers while working in another office. Typically, when an employee visits another office, they need to fill out an IT help desk ticket to get access to required printers and in a large organisation, this problem is scaled multiple times a day, every day. 

          James added, “an effective print management solution should be able to grant employees access to any printer in the company network without IT intervention, instantly freeing up the time of IT teams as they spend less time on processing help desk tickets. This in turn enables those IT employees to turn their attention towards driving further innovation in IT, such as focusing on wider digital transformation projects.

          “Another area spent on IT resources is managing mobile printing. While supporting the company’s BYOD initiatives are important, security of print documents is also important. Organisations should therefore also look for solutions that enable them to provide the mobile convenience for employees and the security for IT teams.

          “Core to any print management system should be a commitment to helping employees to process print jobs themselves, with minimal need for direct intervention from the IT department, who often feel as though they’re firefighting issues and maintaining their organisation’s current IT state and technology. 

          “There is currently a huge focus on IT teams and they are under increasing pressure to deliver innovation and value. With the right everyday solutions in place, such as an effective print management and document capture solution, IT staff will be given a great deal more time to focus on proactively improving the IT infrastructure, focusing on digital transformation projects and finding ways to make IT better for everyone.”

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