• Over a half of the public believe non-smokers should get fresh-air breaks

        • According to a recent survey conducted by Flavour Boss, 80 per cent of people don’t think it’s fair that smokers get breaks but non-smokers don’t, whilst 58 per cent of people think that non-smokers should get regular fresh-air breaks at work.

          While smokers could argue five minutes here and there doesn’t make much difference to the day, it all adds up to one significant cigarette social event, and non-smokers aren’t invited.

          But if smokers get cigarette breaks, shouldn’t it be fair that non-smokers get fresh-air breaks during work? So what are the arguments? Here are the outlines for and against having fresh air breaks in the workplace:

          The case of having fresh air breaks

          Breaks are great for productivity

          Everyone will be familiar with that flagging feeling you experience after a few hours’ hard work: your brain starts to numb, thoughts start to wander and procrastination soon sets in. So when you’re losing concentration and can’t seem to get things done, a fresh-air break could help you come back to the task refreshed and full of energy.

          They’re good for your health

          The modern sedentary lifestyle isn’t a good one. Encouraging everyone to take time to get up, stretch and walk around for a while at regular intervals, they’re the perfect opportunity for the more health-conscious among us to increase their daily step count.

          Workplace equality

          In the interests of equality, either we take the privilege away from smokers or we grant the privilege to everyone.

          The case against fresh-air breaks

          It’s not practical

          In a world where absolutely everyone is entitled to regular breaks, things are likely to get a little chaotic. The whole concept could cause major disruption, with additional time being spent coordinating who goes on their break and at what time.

          It wouldn’t always work

          While most places have a designated smoking area, there aren’t many other options for going outside. More companies are investing in indoor and outdoor breakout areas for staff, but this isn’t a universal thing just yet.

          The cost to the employers

          As they are, smoking breaks aren’t ideal. They cost companies around the world time and money, with smoking staff spending precious working minutes tending to their nicotine addiction every day. In this case, the focus should be on reducing the amount of time smokers spend away from their desks, rather than increasing that amount of time across the workforce.

          Could vaping be the answer?

          In 2015 Public Health England found that vaping is “approximately 95 percent safer to users than smoking” with “no evidence of harm to bystanders”. Legally, smoking and vaping are very different practices, so (contrary to common misconceptions) current laws on smoking don’t apply to e-cigarettes. With the reduced health risks, lower costs for users and better public image associated with vaping, it shouldn’t be difficult to persuade smoking staff to switch. Combined with the right policy, e-cigarettes could eventually spell the end of smoking breaks, eliminating the issue altogether.

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