• The best ways to avoid email attacks

        • Email attacks are on the rise and looking for a way to prevent them is the only option. According to the State of Email Security Report by Mimecast, over the previous 12 months from March, 94 per cent of organisations covered by experienced phishing attacks, 73 per cent of email attack victims faced a direct resulting loss, 71 per cent saw the spreading of malware infections, and 53 per cent experienced business-disrupting ransomware attacks. 

          Here, are the best methods that can help you to avoid email attacks and keep your data and files safe.

          1. Avoid clicking on attachments and tracking links

          Most websites use tracking links to determine whether you opened their emails. Cybercriminals can also use these tracking links to spy on you and make you vulnerable after clicking on them. 

          The risks are even higher if your computer downloads files and attachments automatically. Most attachments sent by attackers contain malware that can infect your computer when you download the files. Also, clicking on tracking links from attackers redirects you to a different site that automatically downloads malware on your computer. Doing that enables the criminal to spy on everything that happens on the computer and gain access to your email’s password. An attacker gaining access to your email is dangerous as they can tamper with most vital files and data or extort money from you.

          Also, ensure your computer has an anti-virus. Having a functional anti-virus will allow you to block any danger that malware might cause.

          2. Have a Strong Password

          Creating a strong password for your email is another safety precaution that helps significantly in boosting its security. Ensure your password comprises of numbers, special character, and letters. Combining lower and upper-case letters will help you to create a stronger password as they make it longer and more unique. After creating the password, don’t save it on your phone or computer. Instead, save it offline on a notebook or somewhere you can’t forget. 

          3. Use TLS

          When logging into your email account or when browsing, always use TLS (Transport Layer Security). Using other software types might help to encrypt the files and data in your email, but they won’t encrypt the connection. Using TLS is the best option as it enables you to encrypt the connection between the browser, internet connection, and email servers. Doing so makes it difficult for an attacker to gain access to your email or send malware, which keeps all the files and data safe.

          4. Use PGP Encryption

          If TLS doesn’t work for you, then PGP definitely will. PGP, also known as Pretty Good Privacy, helps to ensure that your emails go to your desired destination only. So, using PGP makes it difficult for a cybercriminal to intercept or alter your emails and access crucial information. However, for PGP to be effective, both the sender and the recipient must install this software on their computers.

          Email accounts are vital as they contain important information that should not fall in the wrong hands. To ensure that your email stays safe from cyber-attacks, use the tips in this article accurately. Even better, combine these tips with a VPN. Doing so will give you the best device security, browser privacy, and email security.

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