• What consumers want from brands on social media

        • Social media has become an integral cog for a brands digital communication strategy, but every social media platform serves a different purpose for a brands marketing strategy. It can be hard to find the balance between showing personality, corporate etiquette or being politically driven by global conversations. Finding the ‘fine line between what is cool and annoying’ is the key to marketing success.

          According to Smart Insight, 52 per cent of social media marketers stated social media has helped increase their company’s revenue and sales.

          As a result, online marketplace OnBuy.com analysed findings from Sprout Social’s report ‘Consumers aren’t looking to buy from brands that are ‘cool’ on social’ to discover what consumers want from brands using social media and what they find damn right irritating.

          To do this, OnBuy unwrapped data revealing the ‘thin line between annoying and cool’,exposing the actions exhibited by brands that consumers love and hate.

          OnBuy found that whilst talking politics was the second most detested behaviour shown by a brand (71%), nearly two-thirds of consumers think it’s ‘cool’ for brands to openly talk about world or cultural events, engaging the consumer in an open discussion about current affairs without becoming too political. Yet, just 29 per cent of respondents embrace politics being discussed by brands. 

          OnBuy.com found that the most popular and ‘cool’ social media practise for brands is the use of video clips and responding to questions (83%), with only a mere 17 per cent stating they found it annoying. Other well-received social media actions by brands for consumers include: Joining conversations (68%) and Talking about timely events at 66%. Whilst, just over half of respondents enjoy the use of ‘gifs’(58%). 

          On the other hand, these are some of the most annoying social media practises displayed by a brand: Making fun of consumers(88%), Talking politics (71%), Using slang (69%) and finally Making fun of competitors(67%). 

          And it’s not just the actions taken by brands which are most popular with consumers, but the personality a company portrays too. Without personality or charisma, your product or service will not resonate to the customers you’re targeting.  

          As part of the report, OnBuy assessed the behavioursconsumers want from brands who are using social media. It came as no surprise that Honesty is the most desirable trait as stipulated by 86 per cent of consumers. The next most desired characteristics of behaviour were: Friendliness (83%), Helpful (78%) and Funny with 72 per cent of the vote.

          Interestingly, more than half of consumers find brands trying to be Trendy on social media annoying (57%). And being ‘snarky’ was disliked by 67 per cent of social media users.

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