9 ways to increase repeat purchase rates in eCommerce

eCommerce stores spend vast amounts of time and energy on customer acquisition. In an ideal world, those new shoppers become repeat purchasers, evolving into brand advocates and ambassadors. And according to Deko, the multi-lender Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) platform, increasing this repeat purchase rate is one of the biggest historical challenges businesses have faced.

Deko shares nine tips for businesses looking to increase repeat purchase levels:

Send re-engagement emails

A re-engagement email aims to win customers back and remind them why they bought from you in the first place. Make the email as personal as possible based on the customer’s previous purchase. An incentive in the email may also be worth considering.

Offer flexible payment options

It's important for your online store to keep on top of the latest payment shifts and give customers flexibility. Traditionally, BNPL has been popular with younger generations. However, it’s increasingly becoming chosen by all customer demographics at checkout.

Review the checkout experience

The average checkout drop-off is around 70 per cent, so you need to review your checkout experience. This page needs to be a fluid experience where the customer cruises through the process and doesn't need to think too much about the next step.

Upgrade your post-purchase experience

To improve the customer experience and create repeat shoppers, find personalised ways to communicate with them.

Simplify important information

If you want people to use your website regularly to buy products and services, ensure the important information is easy to find.

Provide excellent customer service

Excellent customer service is one of the pillars of a successful online brand. Ensure your team is easily accessible to anyone with questions about your products and services.

Send personalised product recommendations

Product recommendations can be an excellent way to increase repeat business when done right.

Offer a review and feedback service

Allowing customers to leave reviews and feedback makes them feel more valued and increases the likelihood that they'll buy from you again.

Start a rewards programme

Customers need to feel like the relationship goes two ways if they're going to use your store repeatedly. You can show shoppers how much you value them with an incentive-based loyalty programme.

Irina Bordea, Head of Marketing, Deko said, “it goes without saying that you want to grow your sales. But to achieve this, you shouldn’t focus solely on acquiring new customers. You also need to ensure that your existing shoppers are making repeat purchases.

“Generally, keeping hold of an existing customer is much cheaper than gaining a new one - which is something that every business can benefit from. And the best way to achieve this is by building stronger relationships with your customers.

“Earning repeat business at your eCommerce store will take work, but there are many actions you can perform to win over loyalty from your customers. From offering flexible payments to ensuring a seamless checkout experience, you can get shoppers coming back for more and buying your products and services multiple times over.”

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