87% UK IT pros waste time due to bloated applications
Freshworks has released the findings of a global report, which found IT professionals in the UK spend an average of 6 hours and 16 minutes dealing with bloatware, unwanted, overly complicated SaaS add-ons, and features that hinder productivity and cause frustration at work.
Uswitch advises how to keep tech cool in the heatwave
With the heatwave well underway, Brits need to take steps to protect their tech from rising temperatures. Mobile phones, routers, computers, and consoles around your home and office may all need some attention over the coming days.
RELEX Solutions experts discuss benefits of better inventory data
A planning solution can be a great asset in helping to optimise inventory levels and availability. But what happens if the data coming into the system is inaccurate and leaks into other areas of operations?
Maximise fax security by heading to the cloud
Despite having made its debut in the workplace more than 40 years ago, in the late 1970s, the fax continues to be a critical communications device today. Nearly 17 billion faxes are sent around the world each year, while in the UK more than 125,000 faxes were sent and received by the public sector in 2019.
Most employees wish their workspace was quieter
Most employees wish their working space is quieter than it is now. That’s according to a poll by IRIS Clarity, the AI-powered voice isolation app, which surveyed UK and US respondents on their attitudes towards office noise.
The role of AI-driven call recording and speech analytics
In recent times, employee wellbeing has been on the top of the agenda for both employees and employers, and the pandemic has brought it even further into the spotlight. As reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), poor health reduces national GDP by 15 per cent, almost twice the 8 per cent hit to GDP that the pandemic itself has had. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that improving mental health has become a key focus for senior leaders. This is according to Simon Peters, Managing Director at CallCabinet UK.
Marketers not convincing brands to support ethical issues
New research by global review platform Trustpilot reveals that despite almost seven in 10 marketers agreeing that adopting an ethical stance leads to increased sales and revenue, internal culture - such as lack of buy-in and understanding among staff - remains the top reason (59%) holding businesses back from supporting social, political, or environmental issues.
Over 1/3 businesses fear security risks from incompatible applications
Over a third (36%) of organisations fear the risk of a security breach or incident due to an incompatible application on the latest version of Windows, according to new research of UK and US CIOs commissioned by Cloudhouse, experts in application compatibility packaging and configuration management solutions.

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