Hybrid Working
Privacy and security concerns as workers return to the office
The changing attitudes of UK workers returning to the office after two years of home working during the pandemic should prompt a rethink of how offices are designed, with a special focus on privacy for individuals at work. That’s according to the latest research from eFax, the cloud-based fax solution for businesses, which found that 42 per cent of workers are already struggling with a lack of privacy in the workplace.
UK employers fail to support hybrid working needs
A survey of UK employers and employees has given insight into the lack of provision for remote and hybrid office workers to carry out their roles. While only just over half (56%) of employers admit they regularly check in with all employees to enquire about their health and well-being and 55 per cent provide laptops, 73 per cent of employees are ready to choose their next employer based on physical, health, and wellbeing support and flexible technology provision.
Survey shows culture shifts and technology innovation for new digital norm
Nutanix has announced the findings of the recently commissioned IDC CXO Survey, outlining that while companies are building better digital habits and systems, a shift is needed from digital culture to value realisation. Surveying leaders across EMEA, the IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Nutanix, From Digital Culture to Value Realisation showed that 84 per cent of IT leads in EMEA are under pressure to deliver on digital transformation (DX) strategies, and 90 per cent of organisations in EMEA recognise that having a digital-first approach is now a must-have. 
91% Brits feel unsupported whilst working from home
As British workers return to the office, a new study has revealed that 91 per cent of Brits who have worked remotely since the start of the pandemic have not received training or guidance from their employers for this.  
Are lockers the new must-have for major corporations?
Lockers are getting higher in demand as employers everywhere prepare for, and facilitate, the ongoing return to the workplace. This is according to Robin Bayliss, Group Sales Director at Bisley.
Healthy workspace to reduce disruption as UK workers return to the office
With staff going back to the workplace, they need to be confident the risks to their heath from viruses are minimised, with employers creating a safe working environment to reduce the chance of staff sickness. Working from home is not going to disappear any time soon, and it is unlikely there will be a huge stampede of the workforce returning to office life, but as staff do return, employers need to ensure this is beneficial for all.
Hybrid working model best for mental health
Employees who can split their working time between home and a formal workplace are 40 per cent less likely to experience mental health difficulties, new research has shown.
Enterprises looking to hybrid multi-cloud
Nutanix has announced the UK-specific findings of its fourth global Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey and research report, which measures enterprise progress with cloud adoption.

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