Hybrid Working
New data reveals just 6% of Brits work remotely
Just 6 per cent of the UK population are currently working remotely, new survey data reveals. The data, which was commissioned by Digital Adoption and polled a nationally representative sample of over 10,000 UK residents, revealed that just 1 in 21 Brits (5.97%) are spending their workdays in the comfort of their own homes.
Maximising productivity in a remote work environment
The experts at whenworkworks.org, whilst researching the work-from-home culture, discovered that 66 per cent of women preferred working from home and 54 per cent of men preferred working from home.
Making the right hybrid choice
As hybrid working strategies mature, companies are fast discovering that choice is vital. Employers need to offer a flexible approach to balance diverse home and office working preferences. But they must also provide a choice of technology options, especially in key unified communication (UC) tools. This is according to Jason Barker, SVP EMEA & APAC at IR.
Global decision-makers see flexible working as a positive
Targus, experts in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories has released the results of its annual 2023 Global Workplace Study, which examines the key factors, tools, and trends that are important for improving employee well-being, engagement, and productivity.
Experts reveal best ways to stay fit working from home
During the pandemic, 70 per cent of the workforce was working from home (WFH) and since then, 61.9 per cent of companies have planned to incorporate remote work, be it fully remote or hybrid.
EPOS 2023 predicts future of hybrid work
Hybrid work practices are set to remain complex in 2023. Business leaders and employees alike are grappling to understand how to best adjust practices to meet their needs. Amidst the global cost-of-living crisis, employers must now consider the well-being, mental health, and financial wellness of their employees. Jane Craven, Sales Director, EPOS shares the key trends set to shape the future of hybrid work over the next year and beyond.
EPOS report explores global trends set to shape hybrid work in 2023
EPOS has published ‘The Workplace of the Future’ report to explore the current and emerging trends shaping the future of work, as well as the technology solutions that can help businesses to navigate a long-term hybrid strategy for a productive workforce.
Acer supports the hybrid-working generation
It has been reported that a reduction in commuting could reduce carbon emissions by 60 per cent. This is expected to have a bearing on the adoption of hybrid working, particularly as most employees prefer to work for companies with a strong ethical approach to climate change and sustainability.

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