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The role of the risk assessment in any IoT rollout
While cyber security needs round-the-clock consideration, the process of mitigating risk should not be onerous, but rather positive. These risk assessments are about being prepared to meet the challenges as they happen, rather than having to take remedial action later down the line.
Optimising customer experience as crucial as correct omnichannel capabilities
While many businesses over the last few years have recognised the need for consumer choice and adopted new channels as a result, TelcoSwitch believes that ensuring these channels are properly integrated and synchronised with one another is just as crucial so that a positive customer experience can be maintained.
More than 2 in 5 Brits missed a delivery to work within the last year
Quadient has announced the findings of a survey into shopping behaviour and parcel delivery expectations, as consumers prepare for Black Friday and Christmas. The survey of 1,000 UK respondents conducted in October 2021, highlights the need for reliable incoming parcel management as delivery volumes continue to rise.
How to choose the perfect IT and technology partner
Hiring an IT and technology partner is one of the best ways to let you focus on company growth, but your choice should be based on your goals and needs. Examples of technology partners include cloud hosting partners, managed IT service providers, cybersecurity partners, managed application hosting providers and many more.
DigiCert 2022 security predictions
As our year winds to a close, many of the uncertainties that shaped 2021 remain. The cybersecurity challenges that accompanied the pandemic have persisted, as hybrid remote workspaces have become a way of life. And through it all, the threat landscape continues to evolve, as innovations in cloud computing and other arenas open new threats — some in unexpected areas. 
Over 50% of Greater Manchester businesses not aware of UK’s net-zero ambitions
As COP26 ends in Glasgow, a recent report highlighted that 55 per cent of Greater Manchester businesses have no awareness of the Government's 2050 net-zero ambitions.
Omnichannel must meet needs of evolving customer service industry
The massive growth in online shopping has led to a sustained change in the way customers interact with businesses, as they adopt a growing number of communication channels and expect queries to be answered faster than ever before. This in turn has raised the stakes as far as omnichannel capabilities are concerned, and businesses need to adapt quickly.
Why people are the differentiators in a logistics business
When it comes to logistics, businesses have access to most of the same carriers with the same routes via air, roads, sea, and trains. Any technological innovation which makes a difference to the industry will quickly be adopted by leading logistic specialists.

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