Launcher brings digital confidence and meeting room freedom to Funlab

Entertainment organisation, Funlab, has chosen DisplayNote’s Launcher to free meeting rooms from single vendor video conferencing at its Melbourne head office.

Prior to the adoption of Launcher, the company was tied to using Google Meet for company video calls, regardless of user favourites. The deployment of Launcher now allows employees to use their preferred video-conferencing software in meetings with colleagues and suppliers and is proving a hit.

Funlab operates 47 businesses with 1700 employees internationally and video calls and meetings are a routine part of day-to-day operations, at the Melbourne head office. Its busy meeting rooms are regularly used for video calls, communicating with the company’s many suppliers worldwide. Historically, with Funlab staff essentially tied to Google Meet, video calls were time-consuming, difficult to arrange, and often involved helpdesk support.

Khuong Lai, Funlab’s IT Network Administrator, was tasked with ensuring meeting spaces optimised communication while also allowing users the freedom to utilise all video-conferencing solutions. After searching for a solution that would make connecting to video calls across all platforms simple for his users, Funlab settled on Launcher and moved quickly from a trial period to installing Launcher at their Melbourne office.

Khuong said, “previously if a colleague wished to use a different video-conferencing platform (other than Google Meet), it inevitably meant tech support was required before the meeting to connect laptops and screens with HDMI cables. There were many complaints. Launcher was exactly what I was searching for, with its simple-to-use interface that allows room users to just walk in and tap whichever tool they wish to use. There’s nothing else like it and that’s what drew me to it.”

With Launcher software added to their meeting spaces, rooms are always set up and ready for users to join video calls across any platform. Khuong reports that users no longer need support from Helpdesk prior to their meetings, lightening the load on tech support. He also notes that staff is starting to gain digital confidence and technical independence as Launcher’s simplicity makes this more achievable. Whereas previously many staff would ask for support before each meeting, now they have the confidence to do it themselves as the interface makes it so simple.

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