Leveraging the cloud to drive sustainability within businesses

As sustainability moves from a non-essential application for organisations, towards a necessity, so must a business's attitude towards it. The use of cloud technology enables businesses to make this transition and global organisations already using this technology, are experiencing the benefits. This is according to Robert Belgrave, CEO at Pax8 EMEA.

With environmental experts in agreement that governments, individuals, and everyone in between, should take more action in response to their impact on the environment, the call for a more sustainable approach has never been clearer. The cloud has not only ensured an increase in flexibility, accessibility, and security to its users, but it has also provided significant sustainable value. The cloud reduces carbon emissions, energy waste, and costs, altogether redirecting businesses to move towards a greener future. Cloud computing can therefore act as a pioneer in achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

The evolution of traditional data centres

During the early stages of cloud computing, it was thought that increasing the number of traditional data centres used to power the cloud would elevate their negative environmental impact. Unquestionably, these data centres required large amounts of electricity to operate, which alternately drained power supplies and demanded high maintenance. In fact, data centres have been responsible for 2 per cent of carbon emissions: almost equivalent to the entirety of the global airline industry.

As resources are shared, and cloud vendors work on behalf of various businesses, cloud computing reduces the total number of data centres needed, thereby lowering the overall waste production. The cloud has granted organisations the opportunity to increase their capacity at any time, without the need for significant changes to the internal infrastructures, allowing for a seamless scaling experience.

Renewable energy for a greener future

Not only does utilising the cloud help to drive sustainability within businesses, but it is also a part of a wider sustainable movement. Renewable energy sources do not emit carbon waste, require no water for cooling, and therefore have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Cloud vendors are realising this and are now acting in response to the current sustainable challenges by further increasing their renewable energy usage of wind energy, solar energy, and more.

For the world to achieve a sustainable, greener future renewable energy is the necessary resource that businesses worldwide need. Cloud vendors, having made commitments to achieve net-zero across operations through the increase of renewable energy sources, acknowledge this. This has resulted in the IDC estimating that cloud computing could in fact eradicate up to 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide by 2024. Businesses that operate using cloud technology are not only helping to improve short-term sustainability but are also committing to long-term sustainable approaches.

Sustainability leveraged by the cloud

The pandemic has transformed the way in which organisations work, enabling cloud technology to assist the adopted hybrid working environment. This altered way of working means fewer employees are now driving to work, which reduces global waste. As a result, the cloud has increased efficiency, scalability, mobility, and control, within the technology sector, all whilst being cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The cloud removes the negative externalities associated with traditional data centres and introduces a range of internal benefits to global businesses through renewable sources. It, therefore, solves the environmental challenges faced today and consequently steers businesses in the right direction as their sustainable ventures continue.

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