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          Procurement Tools

          Managed Print Services: The next leap forward from Xerox
          Managed Print Services solutions have helped organizations optimise their print infrastructure. But the business landscape is constantly evolving, so MPS has to move up a gear to meet the challenges. In our practical, results-focused guide, you’ll discover the advantages of managed print services. Download the guide here.
           DQM GRC's GDPR Self-Assessment Tool

          The tool is a straight-forward 12 question self-assessment, where organisations are led through a short series of multiple-choice questions which evaluate the firm’s current data compliance levels and compare it to the obligations in the new regulation. A free, downloadable report is then generated, giving the organisation an overall GDPR readiness score out of 100. You can find out more information and start your own personalised GDPR self-assessment on the DQM GRC website here.

          Gamma's public sector IT procurement eGuide
          Conquer the public sector IT procurement process with these tips. Here are the crucial questions to ask when navigating through the IT procurement minefield. Download the eGuide here.
          10 Office fit out mistakes and how to avoid them
          If you’ve been put in charge of the office fit out, it’s vital that everything goes smoothly. Whitespace's experience shows there are a number of mistakes that come up time and time again that can really hamper a project. The company has now compiled a list of the top ten office fit out mistakes for anyone about to embark on an office refurbishment project to consider. Register now to download the guide.
          Whitespace's 10 ways to ensure your staff love their office - FREE Guide
          Your employees are your biggest asset and if you want your business to be successful you need happy staff. Keeping them engaged isn’t always easy, but, it’s essential if you want them to be productive. We’ve put together 10 ways to help you to ensure your staff love their office. Register here.
          Zerographic's everything you need to know about variable data printing
          To find out more information on how to make print work harder for your business, why not download our free professional printing guide; 'How can my professional print business print off better returns?' Download here.
          Fujitsu: Transforming the Public Sector Workplace
          Fujitsu’s Workplace Anywhere creates an enhanced, effective and attractive working environment. By giving your employees a more responsive and connected workplace, you will be able to serve citizens more effectively and flexibly, creating a better public service and enhancing the organisation’s reputation. Download the guide here.
          To find out more about the G-Cloud, take a look at Fujitsu's guide.
          Gamma's ultimate Voice Disaster Recovery Plan
          How much does telephony downtime cost the Public Sector? Gamma's eGuide can help you plan effectively. Download the FREE eBook here.
          Prevention Pro by Ergonomics Plus FREE Step-by-Step Guides to Recommended Ergonomic Assessment Tools
          Learn how to conduct efficient and effective ergonomic risk assessments with our step-by-step guides to recommended ergonomic assessment tools. Download here.
          AVG's New Free Ransomware Decryption Tools
          AVG has just released seven new free ransomware decryption tools for its customers. These tools decrypt the recent ransomware strains Apocalypse, Bart, BadBlock, Crypt888, Legion, SZFlocker and TeslaCrypt and can be downloaded from here.
          Is your office finding DigitalTransformation challenging?
          Complete the form to download Sharp's Whitepaper with Dr. Sascha Stowasser's expert advice on why you need newer technology to improve productivity. Download here.
          The impact of mobile deices on the security of corporate IT systems from Annodata
          Business has evolved from office hours to an ‘anytime, anywhere’ schedule. As workplaces focus more on virtualisation, connectivity and cloud computing, it is integral for commercial success to engage with a fresh, more collaborative way of working. Download Whitepaper here.
          How do you choose the right mouse? from BakkerElkhuizen
          There are many different kinds of mice on the market today, from vertical, precision and centrally positioned mice to a pen tablet: How can you choose which mouse is right for you? View the full white paper here.
          Optimum's 'The Dawn of Procurement's New Value Proposition' Whitepaper
          Optimum Procurement collaborated with a panel of leading purchasing and supply executives, seeking to define how the CPO and its function would need to adapt in order to deliver value to the business in the future. Download here.
          Bakker Elkhuizen's whitepaper: Office employees are like professional athletes
          A new white paper has been released comparing insights taken from professional athletes, to regular workers. The paper focuses on practical ways in which organisations have achieved results in a similar way to athletes, spending years dedicated to improving, so workers can excel at important times. Download here.
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