• Millennials continue to drive change in the office environment

        • Collaboration has been a hot topic for 2017 and it is not about to stop. An environment where creativity is king and employees are encouraged to talk and brainstorm ideas together in the open is still the most sought after. This is bound to shape how workplaces develop in 2018, especially when a Gallup survey found 51 per cent of employees would leave if their company did not offer flexible working.

          As generation Z step into the world of work, our office spaces will evolve even more rapidly to incorporate generations fundamentally different in nature. With this in mind, here are Flexioffices’ key office trends to look out for in 2018:

          Artificial Intelligence integrated into smart workplaces
          Chatbots are swiftly being implemented for HR purposes, to tell managers when employees are sick or a worker has a question about pay, but what about AI in the workplace? A third of millennials surveyed by the World Economic Forum said AI is the biggest tech trend globally, and business leaders will begin to integrate it into their working lives to keep pace. Offices connected by Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and other methods will evolve the office into a smart workplace, whether it is for room bookings, control of your environment or your office systems. 

          Homestyle comfort office design
          Making the office feel more like home either means employers want to create a fun and new place to work for longer, or they are actually listening to what their employees want. Stemming from millennials growing favouritism for comfort and the unconventional, more offices will offer beer fridges, bars, showers and chill out areas with fireplaces and comfy sofas. 

          Using green to bring the office to life
          Instead of grey dividing walls for seating areas and meeting places, we can expect to see office designers using vegetation to instil privacy back into the workplace. Known as biophilic design, it is not only great for individual work, but also as a noise reduction method, the vibrancy brought by these living walls can boost creativity and productivity. 

          Napping spots will become the norm 
          It is only a matter of time until businesses notice the benefit of allowing workers to take a short nap in the middle of the day to improve their productivity and quality of work. This is not to say employees will decide to nap at their desk, but special dark rooms will become more prevalent as business leaders see the advantage to a quick sleep break. 

          Co-working spaces will dominate the commercial property market
          Research shows in 2018, there will be over 18,000 co-working spaces across the world, with 2.3 million global co-working members. This will rise to over 25,000 by 2020. To put that in perspective, there are just over 27,000 Starbucks in the world… In the UK, Flexioffices have seen a total of 375 new flexible workspace properties added to their website throughout the course of 2017, with 170 of these in London. This is a startling reminder of how popular the sector is becoming. 

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