Productivity takes a hit with daylight savings

Research compiled by software firm, OpenGenius points to lacklustre productivity this week after the clocks went forward at the weekend.

This research emphasises how important it is that both employees and employers are doing the best they can to optimise productivity and save time wasted in email inboxes – especially first thing in the morning.

Medical research from respected institutes such as Harvard indicates that any period in excess of 16 hours of wakefulness shows noticeable changes in brain activity, which correspond to a lower level of alertness.

Data now released from OpenGenius shows that 4 out of 10 of us are averaging just 6 hours of sleep a night so this weekend many will have seen this slip to just 5 hours, as our bodies adapt to the loss of an hour.

The same 4 out of 10 start work before 8.00am in the morning, which can be read as 7.00am this week as far as our body clocks are concerned. According to OpenGenius' research, the morning is when more than 6 out of 10 of us say we expect to be most productive, and 7 out of 10 of us spend those early hours checking our emails before doing anything else.

Chris Griffiths, Chief Executive of OpenGenius said, "this research emphasises how important it is that both employees and employers are doing the best they can to optimise productivity and save time wasted in email inboxes – especially first thing in the morning. This is why we have created DropTask to be as intuitive as possible, with work centralised in just one place to save time usually spent app-switching.

Our research indicates that many businesses are already operating less than efficiently, committing time to daily routines which will adversely affect their outputs. If businesses do nothing else this week, they should at least start with a list of priorities for their day. However, for those looking to make productivity a way of life, integrating workflows with software fit for the purpose will enhance their productivity on an ongoing basis."

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