Research finds Brits will answer door to delivery during work call

According to new research, more than a third (34%) of people working from home in the UK have surreptitiously turned off their camera during a work video call and sneaked away to receive a home delivery. It rises to nearly half (42%) of people under 35.

One in five (18%) have exited a work call entirely when a delivery turns up, without giving a reason why, and around one in nine (11%) have missed a delivery while on a call because they were too embarrassed to tell their colleagues what was happening. Women are more likely than men (13% vs. 9%) to miss a delivery this way, but only one in fifteen (7%) workers aged 45 plus are. However, less than a third (29%) admitted to their colleagues on the call that they had a delivery at the door when the doorbell rang.

The study of 3,000 UK adults who work from home either part or full-time was commissioned by same-day courier company Gophr.

It also found that women (23%) are more likely than men (15%) to have thought ahead and left instructions for the delivery company, trying to arrange the delivery for a time slot when they wouldn’t be on a call.

Londoners are the worst offenders when it comes to poor meeting etiquette, half as likely again as most other parts of the country to turn their camera off, sneak away or simply disappear.

Least likely to exit a call without telling anyone were those in the East Midlands, 10 per cent compared to the 18 per cent average. Only one in twenty-five people in East Anglia or the Southwest said they missed a delivery because they were too embarrassed to leave the call compared to the country average of one in ten.

When it comes to getting organised, fewer than one in ten people in East Anglia leave instructions ahead of time, compared to one in three Londoners and one in five living in Yorkshire and Humber, making them the least organised in the country.

Seb Robert, CEO at Gophr said, “with many people ordering Christmas presents and other vital deliveries earlier than usual to beat the rush and overcome the UK’s well-documented supply chain issues, there are going to be more deliveries than ever coming in while they’re on work calls. Those couple of minutes when your colleague’s face vanishes, and they go on mute might not be due to ‘technical issues’ after all.

“It’s also intriguing how working from home is changing business etiquette. Imagine if you were in a physical meeting and you suddenly disappeared without excusing yourself to pick up a parcel from reception. It would never happen.

“But with people’s toddlers and pets also famously making themselves known on video calls, maybe just admitting that you have a delivery at the door isn’t the faux pas that many might think it is. Homeworking - and home delivery - have become the norm.”

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